Oil Business and Retail Business

Oil Business and Retail Business
Oil Business

The Company operates fuel oil trading business under PT service stations in 2 types which are Company Owned Outlet or "COCO Service Station" which is operated under Petroleum Thai Corporation Limited ("PTC"), a Company’s subsidiary, and petrol stations owned by the operator that has the right from the Company (Dealer Owned Dealer Operated or "DODO petrol stations"). The DODO gas stations shall buy oil from the Company and subsidiaries that are oil traders under Section 10. In this regard, the Company will provide advice and assistance to these oil distributors, such as station design, investment and management. The proportion of sales of gasoline and diesel in each service station will vary according to the needs of the target customers who are in the vicinity of each gas station.

In addition, the Company and subsidiaries also operates fuel traders under Section 10 of fuel wholesaling to other fuel traders and industrial operators. They are another customer group with huge volume of fuel purchase and for numerous purposes, such as reselling fuel to other fuel traders, selling fuel to individual users, and using such fuel in the production process in factories.

Retail Business

In addition to selling fuel through service stations, PTC also invests in and operates convenience store business, PT Mart and Max Mart, at PT COCO and DODO petrol stations, in order to promote favorable image of services and to facilitate users of PT petrol stations.