Message from Chairman

2020 was a challenging year, especially as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak that severely affected the world’s economy and society. The falling number of tourists and international trade has considerably impacted the Thai economy as it depends hardly on tourism and export. The consumption of gasoline was also affected by COVID-19 preventive measures during the second quarter, such as social distancing, workfrom-home policy, and cross-provincial transport control.

Pol. Gen. Soontorn Saikwan

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Although PTG could not avoid facing this crisis, the company still looking to create new opportunities from this challenge. The company was 1. trying to build a stronger relationship with customers and people in the local community by, for examples, offering free COVID-19 sterilized spray service, building sharing pantries in every service station, and trying to offer other new services with more convenient; 2. building cooperation among people in the organization and modifying internal operations with the aim to increase the speed of work; 3. practicing cost control policy and strict investment policy to maintain the financial stability of the company. As a result, the company is not much affected by the outbreak. This management above is due to the commitment of the company to take care of all stakeholders appropriately and to enable the organization to cope with various situations efficiently.

Continuous growth in 2020 and the highest net profit record.

PTG services stations are located all over the country, not just concentrated in Bangkok and vicinity which are areas that are highly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Also, the company’s customer base groups are transport service providers and agricultural business which consume oil to pursue careers. Together with the marketing margin which was in an appropriate range, these caused the oil sale volume to grow at 4,959 million liters or 6% growth from the previous year. Besides, the company implemented the policy to increase the profit share of the non-oil business, Palm oil complex was an outstanding non-oil business this year. These enabled PTG to break the highest net profit record in 2020 at 1,906 million baht or increase by 22% from the previous year.

Participation in the development of the Thai community and society.

PTG grew from service stations on the secondary road near the community and then expanded to the urban area. There are now 2,094 service stations and over 756 branches of non-oil businesses, employing more than 15,000 staff across the country. Apart from creating jobs for local people in the community, we also select quality products to be distributed to PTG’s network stores. Our staff also participated in community service activities such as activity with the mobile medical volunteer unit, learning-and-sport-enhancing activity, and also helping people on the street and neighborhood with the intention to deliver happiness to the community and society.

Creating well-being for society while creating sustainability for the organisation.

With a dedication to deliver quality products and provide good services from PTG and our partners, and with pledging to create “well-being” for all customers and stakeholders, in 2021, PTG will continue to come up with new projects for the future business growth and stability. In addition, PTG will also adhere to good corporate governance principles in order to add value to the company and remain to be a growing and sustainable stock.

I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, would like to thank the management team and all staff members for their dedication to helping the company get through all management difficulties during the COVID-19 epidemic and giving the company an outstanding and record-breaking performance. Although the situation is still worrisome, I firmly believe that being a flexible, fast and collaborative organization will be the foundation that enables the company to reach the goals and grow sustainably.

Finally, I would like to thank valued shareholders, customers, partners, financial institutions, government entities and all stakeholders for giving trust and support for PTG’s continuous growth. We would like to assure you all that the Board of Directors, the management team and all staff members will exercise knowledge and experience in performing work to the best of our abilities with utmost competence, prudence and professionalism while conserving the environment and improving the Thai society for sustainable growth. At the same time, I would like to encourage all Thai people to get through this crisis together with the “well-being”.