Message from Chairman

PTG will capitalize efforts on increasing the profitability structure of the non-oil business based on the Company’s target, while exercising effective cost management on a continuous basis to sustainably increase organizational values.

Pol. Gen. Soontorn Saikwan

Chairman of the Board of Directors
2019 has been an amazing year for PTG, as it not only marked the first occasion that the Company received the ASEAN Business Awards in 3 categories,

which reflected the competitive potential in an international level, the Company also made profits of xxx, being able to operate the business and achieve aspired goals, together with new business opportunities that will drive the Company forward in the future.

ASEAN Business Awards
I would like to begin with the ASEAN Business Awards; the pride of the whole organization, and a result of our collective effort in developing the Company in an integrated manner, along with business management that complies with the international standard and adherence to good governance, earning the Company the following:
  1. Large Energy Business Award in an ASEAN level; bestowed upon companies with excellence in economic profitability and continuous enhancement of work effectiveness. One of the outcomes was the gold medal Kaizen Award and silver medal in the previous year.
  2. Human Resource Development Excellence Award; a result of the Company’s collaboration with alliances in the educational sector and skill development institutes, fostering the innovative mindset and leadership to allow staff members to grow alongside the Company.
  3. Award of Excellence in Social Sustainability, whereby the Company had community development projects, creating jobs for the locals in accordance with the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s direction, for instance, ethical business operations, anti-corruption, respect for human rights, treatment towards labor, responsibility towards customers and participation in community development and environmental conservation.
Maintenance of the Leader Position in Sales Growth and Profitability xx
As a result of the dedication, PTG has been able to achieve business targets in 2019, and remained number one in terms of growth in the oil industry. The total oil sales volume stood at 4,680 million liters, growing by 19.4% and the Company maintained the second rank in terms of the oil sales volume market share through station channel of xx%. The total number of service stations was 2,027 all over the country.

In addition, the marketing margin of the service station business has returned to normal level. Meanwhile, the profits and share of profits from the non-oil business that PTG had co-invested in started to contribute profits for the Company, leading to the EBITDA of xx million Baht in 2019, increasing by xx% YoY, which is higher than the target. The net profit stood at xx million Baht, increasing by xx% YoY.

Business Management in the Future
PTG has always believed in creating values for the organization in a sustainable manner all along, and strictly observed the good governance principles. Apart from maintaining the standard and business growth at the present day, one of the several businesses that will drive the business forward in 2020 is Thailand’s first Palm Complex; the first integrated palm industry complex in the country.

This palm complex will start running its full capacity with the most advanced technology, in time for the certification of the new standard and the launch of B10 diesel by the government. Furthermore, PTG has established the innovation team to identify new business opportunities that can be developed from the integration among our networks and alliances, in order to build trust in the brand, facilitate convenience and fulfill happiness for consumers. Finally, the Company will be able to achieve its target to be the number one in the mind of Thai people.

On this occasion, the organization will not be able to move forward in the desired speed and stability if it lacks determination and dedication of the team. Myself, on behalf of the Board of Directors, would like to thank the management team and all staff members for their enthusiasm and readiness to adapt to changes, in order to be an organization that carries out the work in an integrated manner and achieve goals in a tangible manner.

I would like to thank valued shareholders, customers, alliances, financial institutes, government institutes and all groups of stakeholders for giving trust and encouragement for PTG’s continuous growth. We would like to assure you all that the Board of Directors, the management team and all staff members will exercise knowledge and experience in performing work to the best of our abilities, with caution and professionalism, with the objective of increasing values for the organization, together with conserving the environment and improving the Thai society for sustainable growth.