The origin of the enriching people’s “well- being” vision

In the past, we defined ourselves to be “The leader in the comprehensive energy service provider in Thailand" and we have been continuing to expand our business. Until today, we have become the number 1 in terms of number of service station covering the country with the second-largest market share in this industry, in line with our target.

However, many business all over the world were affected by the digital disruption due to the rapid technological changes. Therefore in 2018, PTG started to restructure the organization and established the innovation team intending to find a new S-curve and innovations for the Company, including new processes and new products and services. That is why we planned to transform ourselves to be beyond an energy provider.

In 2021, we focused more on non-oil business to serve our customers with more product varieties. Also, we are trying to develop the PT Max Card to be more integrated, so that we can analyze data more accurately which will help us to understand the customers’ needs. Besides, we tried to enhance Thai people’s life quality by being the center of connecting products and services of the community with customers and creating jobs in the areas that we expand our network, so that everyone can have access to a “well-being” life

Business strategy under the vision of enriching people’s “well- being”

Technology disruption plays an important role in business operations and strategic planning of the organization under the changing environment, PTG sees that we have to transform ourselves into a data-driven organization and to utilize the data for the maximum benefits. With the use of PT Max Card, the customers’ data can be used for data measurement which helps us to extend products and services that serve customer’s needs, as well as to expand business alliances including from SMEs to community. From the data analysis, in-depth market analysis, and connection of online and offline (O2O Solution), we can set up the marketing plan that fits the customer’s needs. By efficiently utilize the data from PT Max Card that collected data covered all ecosystem, with more than 15 million members and a target to reach 30 million within 2024, we can design our products and services to maximize our customers’ experience.

How PTG position itself In the future?

In the future, we planned to be the leader of Thailand’s service innovation provider. Under the concept of Cocreation, we are trying to create new innovations for business operations and services by combining technological knowledges with our business processes. Without limiting ourselves to be just an energy provider, we aim to increase operational efficiency through product innovation, process innovation, and service innovation in order to achieve the target of being Thai people’s first-in-mind product and service in every stage of lives

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